Elder Law

To address your health/personal planning and future needs beyond your estate planning, we here at Carroll Law, PA provide services that will assist you in making sure that you are able to pay for your long-term care or nursing home. These services include: Asset Protection, Proactive Planning, Crisis Planning, and Medicaid Planning.

Asset Protection

The protection of your assets is the foundation that any successful estate and elder law plan is built on. Proper asset protection will allow you to be assured that what it has taken you a lifetime to establish will remain for you and your family to enjoy and not be used to pay for a nursing home or medical bills.

Proactive Planning

Proactive Planning allows one to plan ahead and use the most out of opportunities to protect income and assets against the high price of any long-term nursing home stay or long-term care. In using proactive planning one can plan in a way that would best suit your needs and the needs of your spouse or family.
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One way is to purchase long-term care insurance or other benefits that you have available through your current employment.

Crisis Planning

Crisis Planning is exactly what is named, planning after a crisis has occurred. After the crisis the individual and family is faced with the immediate need to pay for this new care. Most individuals will not automatically qualify for Medicaid and thus their assets will be used to provide care for them during this crisis.
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This is why proper planning is so important. No matter what stage of crisis you may be in we here at Carroll Law, PA can assist you in making this situation better for you and your family.

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Planning must follow various strict rules and regulations in order to not have an individual be deemed ineligible. With these various complex rules the bottom line is that an individual needs to become eligible for Medicaid. This could mean that they would be forced to spend-down all of their life-long resources.
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Even how you spend-down these resources is regulated by rules and will also allow you to preserve certain assets and protections to avoid your spouse from becoming impoverished. To insure your resources are protected and that you follow the rules as it relates to becoming Medicaid Eligible, we here at Carroll Law, PA will work alongside you to identify ways to help protect your assets that you have worked so hard to accumulate.

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