God is on your Case

For over 20 years I have sat at my desk and learned to hear the wisdom of God for each situation, each client…sometimes I seem to know immediately what to do and other times I have to listen more closely.

Today as I was thinking about how I want to walk my life I recalled a time when I had this couple in my office. We had some immediate, very difficult decisions which needed to be made and I really wasn’t sure exactly which course of action to take. I had developed a relationship over the course of my representation with this couple and they trusted me. So I did what I always do I but this time I said it out loud. I said, “I do not have the answer, but I know the one who does, so let’s ask Him to show us which way to go”. I then said a short prayer asking God to give me wisdom on how to proceed.

Almost immediately my secretary came into the room and handed me a fax. I read the fax and then looked up and said well, He has sent us the answer!

This couple looked at me and the Husband said, “What! He sent you a fax???? The expression on his face is one I will always remember! I said, “Well, He and I are on good terms but not to the point where I get a fax signed from God!”

What had happened was as we prayed the attorney from the other side sent me a fax which immediately let me know which direction to go…..I received the wisdom I was asking for! He is an on time God and He ALWAYS meets our needs…Let Him meet your needs everyday of the week, not just on Sundays! Seek and you will find the answers of life you are looking for.

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